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Gel Ice Bags

We offer to our clients best quality of product which is a food grade plastic. Refrigerant Gel are liquid and the frozen GEL packs even used for transportation of vegetables other than perishable medicine Gel Ice Bags which require two to eight degree centigrade.

These pouches are non-toxic, eco pleasant risk-free to human body can simply absorb a considerable quantity of heat, as its unambiguous cool capacity is advanced Extensively used as cold chain product. It gives relief in the pain of minor injuries, or in cool box to keep the product for all time cool during shipping. We offer different sizes the same as required by the client.

Innova Global (India)

We at Innova Global (India) are Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of best quality of Gel Ice Packs, Cool Gel Ice Packs, Gel Ice Flexi Packs & Thermocol Packaging Boxes.

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